Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I create 256×256 icons for Windows 7 and Vista?
Yes! Simply upload/convert an image of at least 256×256 to get full Windows 7 / Vista support.

How about 1024×1024 icons for Mac OS X?
Yes! But please be aware that Mac OS X 10.8 and later consider this size to be 512x512@2x, so it might not show up as 1024x1024.

How can I make an icon of “NxN” size?
iConvert automatically scales down and fills in all the necessary icon sizes for a particular format. So, if you upload a 256×256 image, all sizes from 256×256 and smaller will be created. Or, you can purchase one of our apps, which has advanced options that allow you to select any possible icon size.

How can I choose different images for the standard sizes of icons?
The online version of iConvert Icons can't do this. But, our offline apps for Mac OS X and Windows can do it if you convert an icon set into an icon.